Brags, brags, brags!

Seeing as this is the first news entry, I’ll have to post the show results for the whole year! We haven’t really shown that much due to financial strains, and as you can see Sadie has not been doing well this year. She is coming into heat every 4 months which means she loses her coat every 3 1/2 months, and she takes about that long to get it back. Oh well!


Plum Creek Kennel Club (Friday/Saturday):

Sadie: DNP.

Giacomo: RWD.

Colorado Kennel Club (Sunday/Monday):

Sadie: DNP

Giacomo: RWD.


Scottsbluff KC (Saturday/Sunday):

Sadie: DNP

Lily (Ch PeachyKeen’s Lochinbrae Lily, a dog I was handling): BOB.

Juniors: Made the cut, but no place.


Terry-All Kennel Club (Sat/Sun)

Lily: BOB and cut in group on Saturday, BOB on Sunday.

Giacomo: WD on Sat for 1 pt, RWD on Sunday.


Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club (Sat/Sun)

Giacomo: WD on Saturday, BOW on Sunday for 1 pt.

Sadie: DNP.


Greeley Kennel Club (Sat/Sun)

Giacomo: Dumped all weekend.

Juniors: Best Junior at Gordon Setter Specialty.

Sadie: BOB on Saturday over 4 male specials, Sunday- DNP.

So, now you’re up to speed on the goings on this year!

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