Recent Goings on at Brigadoon

A lot of exciting things have been going on in 2010, some good, some bad.

On 4-01-2010, Gyp was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. He had a large tumor on his neck, but luckily, he was taken to CSU Cancer Center on April 6th, and they discovered his tumor was very mobile and would be able to be operated on that day. He had his surgery that night and walked out of CSU cancer-free on April 7th. Only one day, can you believe it? We were so grateful to Dr. Stewart Ryan, his surgical oncologist, and also to Dianne Whetsel and the Sage Foundation for donating money to help fund his surgery (you may recall from an earlier post that Sage, Faith’s dam, was diagnosed with cancer the previous fall.). To learn more about the Sage Foundation, please go to . We are so glad Gyp is alive and well and has a bright future ahead of him.

We are going to be showing Chance (Omegan’s Come By Chance STDs HTDIs HRDIs RN CGC HSAd HXAs), Sadie’s son out of The Fireman (CH OTCH Meisterwerk Chance O’Fire UDX MX MXJ HXAs ATDs (ASCA) CGC) this summer in Colorado. He is a handsome boy with lots of attitude and we are very excited to show him.

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