About Us

Brigadoon Border Collies is a fairly new kennel and has only bred one litter. We keep all our dogs in our house, so we can only keep four to five dogs at a time. They live with us, sleep in our beds, occasionally steal our food, and most importantly, share our lives. For that reason, it is just not possible for us to have a litter every year, and although we would like to have a puppy for every good home that comes our way, we place dogs in the homes that suit them the best, and although we have a “waiting list”, we don’t sell puppies based on who was on our list first.

We especially appreciate and strive to continue the British and Scottish Border Collie lines, and unfortunately there just aren’t many dogs from these lines in the United States. When we look at stud dogs, often we find that in order to achieve the type of breeding we’re looking for,¬†we must import semen from other countries, which is a very expensive process but most definitely worth while. We do not breed cheap puppies, but each puppy will cost more to produce and care for than we receive from their owners.

Over the years we have learned a lot about canine behavior and temperament is one of the most important things we think about when breeding a litter. We feel that genetics play a huge part in what puppies personalities are like, and we know that a puppy with a good temperament is going to have a much better quality of life and the owners will not have to deal with the stress of owning a dog with issues. Although training and socialization play a huge role in preventing or creating these issues, without a strong genetic foundation, dogs are much more susceptible to behavioral problems. Before puppies go home, we are constantly studying their behavior while gradually adding new situations for them to deal with. The puppies are exposed to all sorts of sights, sounds, textures, smells, and when they are old enough they meet as many humans and animals as we can manage in a safe environment.

In short, we believe in breeding for a well rounded, versatile Border Collie, and we are proud to say that our dogs are up for any task we give them. It is true what they say, Border Collies do need a job, and we try to find what each of our dogs likes the most and that becomes their “job”. Some of our dogs love Search and Rescue, others love Agility, and others find Obedience is their passion. In the end, its not the sport you do with your Border Collie, but whether or not that sport makes you both happy. I feel my job as a breeder is to produce puppies that are structurally and behaviorally fit for whatever job they choose to do with their owners. I truly enjoy competing in Conformation events, but have always believed the show ring is a place to have fun, not a place to determine breeding quality. We do not breed for show wins, but it certainly doesn’t bother us to try for them anyway.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and getting to know us and our dogs.