DK’s You’ve Gotta Have Faith RA CD CGC HCT


DOB: April 14, 2001
Health Screenings:
OFA- Good
BAER Normal

Faith is undeniably the smartest dog I have ever met, but that has certainly come with some less than desirable qualities. For instance, as a young dog, Faith was an escape artist, and would jump the fence whenever she sees something she would like to chase. She also learned how to open doors, drink out of straws, and roll down the car door window by herself. Now her hobbies mostly include conning unsuspecting people out of their food, finding comfortable spots to sit, and keeping up with her daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter. Faith never ceases to amuse those around her, especially now with her perfect representation of the tough old lady who acts like a 20 year old.


Faith has had two litters, and has sired two AKC, UKC, and International Champions in the conformation ring, and several puppies with various titles, including herding and obedience. She is my definition of a versatile Border Collie, and although she never did well in the conformation ring, she is incredibly well built. She has a very loving, caring temperament, and one of her favorite things is to cuddle with me on the couch and watch a good movie. Faith is also a FEMA Certified Search and Rescue dog, and was been deployed after both Hurricane Sandy and Irene.


Pictured at an Urban Avalanche mock-disaster training.

Faith is OFA Good, CERF clear, and DNA CEA/CH Normal and CL Normal. She is now spayed so she can focus on her work, and continues to do Search and Rescue even at the age of 13.