Aim High Gyp’s Ahoy CD RA CGC TDI FEMA Certified DSA

Sept. 1st, 1999 ~ Aug. 25th, 2014.
Health Screenings:
None (Neutered Pet)

Gyp is definitely “My Boy”. He and I basically grew up together, and we spend most of our time together. Gyp was my first Juniors Dog, but he really didn’t like the ring- and so once Sadie came along, he retired from the show ring. He was originally purchased as a conformation prospect, but he was monorchid, so he was neutered and started his life as a Search and Rescue dog. He is FEMA Certified, but (luckily) has never been deployed. He is now 10 years old, and spends most of his days enjoying the Colorado weather, and playing ball with anyone he can find. He is also a certified Therapy Dog, but never really enjoyed therapy work. Gyp believes his job is to protect me and his half-neice Sadie, and he takes his job very seriously!

Gyp was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2010, and he was treated at the CSU Cancer Center in Fort Collins, CO. He is, as of now, cancer free and is back to his life of playing ball and lounging. Thanks to The Sage Foundation, Gyp received the top of the line medical care for his service as a Search and Rescue dog. Thank you Diane Whetsel and Sage for your help.

On August 25th, 2014, we said our final goodbyes to Gyp. I was a very lucky little girl to have been raised by such a sweet, tolerant dog like him. He earned the nickname “Boy Scout” because he was just naturally a good dog, and he always followed the rules. We miss our old man very much, but I know he is chasing tennis balls at the Rainbow Bridge will his friends.