Chad and Karen Lundgren

Karen Lundgren- my eldest sister- has been a huge help getting the Brigadoon website started. She taught me how to use WordPress, hosted my site free of charge, and really guided me through the website designing process. She has also put up with countless hours of me talking about breeding, showing, training, and grooming… and I’m proud to say some of my insanity rubbed off on her. She hopes to some day own a Boston Terrier that can be shown in performance events, and she currently does Dog Scouts with her Pug, Zoe. While she wasn’t quite as much of a dog person before moving up to Colorado, she has now become a great positive trainer, and is a regular member in the local Dog Scouts troop.

Chad Lundgren- Karen’s wonderful husband- does a fantastic job in the role of “photographer” for Brigadoon Border Collies. He has taken many of the pictures featured on the site, including the two pictures of Giacomo, and the gorgeous shot of Fiona on the front page, and Sadie’s stacked picture. He has an eye for photography, and before moving to Colorado, had never worked with any type of show photography. He started taking pictures at dog shows, but after realizing how competitive the candid photography market was, decided he didn’t have the time for it. In addition to the photography, he has also been a chauffeur for me and the dogs on numerous occasions. He is also starting to learn much more about the dog world than he ever cared to, but his main “doggie” focus is on training their 5 year old Pug, Zoe, to do cute tricks.

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