Doree Donovan

Doree has been a dog person throughout her life; She owned a toy poodle growing up, an Old English Sheepdog during college, and shortly after getting married, she and my father purchased a Golden Retriever named Brandon. Two years after my older sister Megan was born, they acquired an Old English Sheepdog, named Rags. This is about the time they realized that this family would never be without a dog. When Brandon passed away, my older sister convinced the family to look for a dog that she could show in Juniors, and thats how we fell into the Border Collie world. Shadow was purchased in 1999, and we have been head-over-heels in love with the breed ever since.

Doree is also a FEMA handler with the New Mexico Task Force, and now the Pennsylvania Task Force, and she has certified multiple dogs over the years. She is most passionate about FEMA, but she also loves to do activities with Dog Scouts. She is a retired Metallurgical Engineer, and now focuses on her favorite activity, Urban Search and Rescue.