Kelsey Donovan


Kelsey was basically born into the dog world. Her family aquired their first Border Collie puppy when she was 5 years old, and that got her hooked on the breed for life. Her first dog show was a small match where she competed with  the family’s second Border Collie, Gyp, at the age of 7. At the age of 10, Kelsey started competing in Junior Showmanship with Gyp at a local AKC show. At the time, the family lived in a very small town in New Mexico, and there weren’t many oppurtunities to show, however they soon moved to Denver, Colorado, where in less than two years, Kelsey moved up into the Open class by winning a class of 12.

By this point the family had already aquired their foundation bitch, Faith, and bred two litters, and she was showing a puppy from the second litter, named Sadie. She and Sadie are still a very strong team, and their accomplishments include many competitive class wins. Kelsey also finished Sadie’s AKC Championship, who was the first Champion bred by Omegan Border Collies. Although she still occasionally competes in Juniors, she is most passionate about the breed ring.

Kelsey’s dream is to be a journalist, and she hopes to work for a dog related publication.