Just For Fun

Border Collies are one of the most versatile breeds out there. While they were originally bred to be excellent sheep herders, they also succeed at many other dog sports. Here at Brigadoon, we take pride in our dog’s ability to do whatever challenge we toss their way, and this page is dedicated to the different activities we have enjoyed over the years.

Border Collies need a job. They are very active, and often become too much for a person to handle if not properly exercised, and although physical exercise is very beneficial to all dogs, Border Collies need a lot of mental stimulation as well. What you’ve heard is true, they really will find something to do for themselves if you don’t give them something to do. My dogs are wonderful companions in the home, but do not like to be kept indoors all day.

There are so many things to do with your Border Collie that you wouldn’t even think they could do. My dogs enjoy: dock diving, agility, Frisbee, fly ball, freestyle, rally obedience, and retrieving. The sports below are just some suggestions out of hundreds of other sports border collies can perform.


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