Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is a company that provides many show grooming tools and products. There are a few that I have used that I wanted to review.

Black on Black (coat shampoo for black coats)

Reasons to Buy:

  • I use this product on all the Border Collies, and also use it for Giacomo. It makes their coat very VERY shiny.
  • I have also noticed that it reduces the sun glare significantly when we’re at outdoor shows. It also prevents sun damage and also helps the coat from fading to a red color.

White on White (coat whitener shampoo)

Reasons to Buy:

  • White on White is great for getting those white bits incredibly white. Being a Border Collie owner and a Coloradan, I cannot possibly keep my dog’s white markings clean all the time. Generally, without using White on White, Sadie’s legs and collar is a more dull white, and when I use the White on White, its vibrant white.
  • This is not a chalk or a dye. No registries prevent the use of it at their shows, where all registries disallow chalk and dye. White on White won’t rub of on your hands or leave a stain.

Mark III Slickers

Reasons to Buy:

  • This slicker is amazing. I have never used anything like it before. Its really useful for Giacomo, to get his topline hair straight. It really reduces the wave in the coat.
  • These slickers have really soft bristles, and they won’t hurt you if you touch them like a lot of slickers I’ve used. The handle is comfortable and the brush is very wide.

Reasons NOT to Buy:

I decided not to include a separate “Not To Buy” list for each product because the only thing I have seen as a downside to these products is their price. They are rather pricey but in my opinion, worth every penny.

Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10