Hyperflight is a disc-dog resource and a maker of competition frisbees.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Hyperflight is one of my favorite disc companies because of how long their disks last. They will still fly perfectly well with dents and holes in them.
  • They are easy to throw. Even if you’re not into competition, these disks fly further and are easier on your hands.
  • They don’t crack and chip like plastic frisbees. A sign of a good frisbee is if it bends and twists easily, these are much easier on your dog’s mouth and they won’t break in half.

Reasons NOT to Buy:

  • Being competition grade, they are significantly more expensive than a normal frisbee.
  • Frisbees are the kind of toys that you don’t leave laying around the house, especially when you’re paying $4 for each.

Overall Review: 10 out of 10.