Kohl’s is a cheap department store that often has really great show outfits.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Kohl’s has very cute clothes. Their suits are always a nice cut, and they always look great.
  • Kohl’s has a good rewards program that gives money back after a certain amount of purchases.
  • Kohl’s can be found almost anywhere, and you can be pretty sure that if one store doesn’t have what you want, another will.
  • They have a HUGE shoe department. I have many show shoes from Kohl’s and I have been really pleased with the price and the styles!
  • They have lots of clearance racks and you can find some great deals! I bought a show skirt there once for 5 dollars, and a blazer for 10!

Reasons NOT to Buy:

  • They often have zero selection when it comes to show suits. They are one of those “in style” stores, and often they don’t carry any suits at all.
  • At almost every single Kohl’s I’ve been to, I’ve been really disappointed in their selection of plus sized clothes.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10.