Ross is a clothing store that takes out of season clothes from department stores and resells them for much less money. They have a huge selection, and there are stores all over the country.

Reasons to Buy:

  • In my experience, they usually have a huge selection of show clothes and shoes for a pretty small price.
  • They have a great variety of sizes and the larger sizes are never frumpy, like they are at most stores.
  • You can usually buy an entire show outfit from Ross, including shoes and accessories.

Reasons NOT to Buy:

  • Just like almost all clothes stores, they occasionally don’t have any suits at all. They go with things that are going out of season, so they may not have suits in summer or winter.
  • Their stores can be very confusing, because of how much stuff they pack into them.
  • I have been less than pleased with the overall “feel” of the store. Almost all the stores I’ve been to have felt more like an old school Walmart than a clothing store.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10.