June 2011 Update

I do realize I am absolutely horrible at maintaining a blog. If you would like more regular updates, please add Brigadoon Border Collies as a friend on Facebook, which I update frequently with photos and show wins.

We moved back to Colorado, we just missed it too much. We couldn’t bring all the dogs with us, some are living with my parents in Pittsburgh still, but we are happy to be back in the high altitude.

Sadie was bred in October 2010 and had a beautiful litter on December 8th. Unfortunately she was only carrying two puppies, but both were gorgeous and we are very happy with them. The sire of the litter was Sh Ch World Ch Littlethorn Continental. We kept the girl, now called Riot, and the boy, now called Jesse, is living with Joyce Herie in California. We look forward to seeing these puppies mature and hit the show and performance rings.

Fiona showed an aptitude for Search and Rescue, so we decided that she should live with Doree in Pittsburgh so she can work on becoming certified. In the mean time Sadie is here living with me in Colorado so she can campaign for her grand champion title and hopefully go to the Eukanuba National Championship.

We will be attending the BCCGLA Specialty Show in California the first weekend of July. It is Jesse’s debut show and we are taking Sadie to see how she will do in the tough competition. She now has 13 Grand Champion points with one major win.

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August 2010 Update

We have had a good summer, and now we’re ready for the next months to unfold! We have a litter planned for October 2010, out of our Sadie, and Sh Ch Littlethorn Continental “Tally”. We have high hopes for this litter, and are planning on keeping a show male for ourselves.

A few months ago we decided to place Giacomo, he was not really working out with us, and a great home happened to show up at the same time we were considering placing him. He now lives in Michigan on lots of acreage, so hopefully he can burn off some of that energy he has so much of! He finished his Ch in July under the same judge who gave him his first major win, at the Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club Show.

Fiona went to her first show, and did very well considering her age and lack of training! She was really great in the ring, and took Reserve on the first day. Sadie took Best of Breed all three days (Lackawanna KC).

For those who don’t know, we moved to Pennsylvania in June. I plan to move back to Colorado next spring for school, but for now we are enjoying the humidity, and the dog shows here!

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Recent Goings on at Brigadoon

A lot of exciting things have been going on in 2010, some good, some bad.

On 4-01-2010, Gyp was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. He had a large tumor on his neck, but luckily, he was taken to CSU Cancer Center on April 6th, and they discovered his tumor was very mobile and would be able to be operated on that day. He had his surgery that night and walked out of CSU cancer-free on April 7th. Only one day, can you believe it? We were so grateful to Dr. Stewart Ryan, his surgical oncologist, and also to Dianne Whetsel and the Sage Foundation for donating money to help fund his surgery (you may recall from an earlier post that Sage, Faith’s dam, was diagnosed with cancer the previous fall.). To learn more about the Sage Foundation, please go to http://sagefoundationfordogs.org . We are so glad Gyp is alive and well and has a bright future ahead of him.

We are going to be showing Chance (Omegan’s Come By Chance STDs HTDIs HRDIs RN CGC HSAd HXAs), Sadie’s son out of The Fireman (CH OTCH Meisterwerk Chance O’Fire UDX MX MXJ HXAs ATDs (ASCA) CGC) this summer in Colorado. He is a handsome boy with lots of attitude and we are very excited to show him.

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Mist has a home!

Mist, our chocolate tricolor Border Collie foster, found a great home in the Harrisburg, PA area. Her new owners are active in Dog Scouts, and run their own training class. They have a great ACD named Rowdy, who we think will be a great companion for Mist.

We could not be more pleased that this fantastic dog has a fantastic home.

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New Addition!

We are very excited to announce that we will be adding another Border Collie puppy to our family in February!

Our good friends over at Gladwyn Kennels had a stud dog that we had planned on using with Sadie, and unfortunately she did not take (two times actually..), so they mentioned that they would be breeding the same stud dog (Ch Deansgrove Travelling Scot) to Sadie’s half sister (Ch Westernesse Gladwyn’s Showoff) which was a repeat breeding. They let us meet a puppy from the first breeding, who just captured my heart right away. I knew I had to have a puppy out of these two dogs. They both have fantastic temperaments, wonderful British pedigrees with both working and show dogs on both sides. The sire is a Scottish import from one of my favorite breeders of Border Collies.

Well, Stella had her puppies on December 18th, and so right now the pups are almost 3 weeks old. I will be taking mine around the big Plum Creek Kennel Club/Colorado Kennel Club cluster. There were two girls and two boys, and I will be taking my pick female. This will be my foundation bitch for Brigadoon, so its a very important decision!

More updates to follow!

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Sad News…

Sage (Lydeardlea’s Desert Song), Faith’s mother and a wonderful Search Dog (she visited the pentagon during 9/11, and also went to Iraq, and was also awarded the 2009 AKC A.C.E. Award for Search and Rescue), unfortunately was recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer. She is just over 10 years old. Luckily, since she attended the 9/11 disaster, she receives annual vet exams, so they think they caught it early enough. She will be undergoing treatments at the CSU Vet Hospital in Fort Collins. Please keep Sage and her owner Diane in your thoughts.

In happier news, Sadie did pretty well at the Southern Colorado Kennel Club shows. She didn’t get anything the first day but went BOS on Sunday. She and Pirate are attending the Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, CA. We decided to go, mostly because of Sage’s A.C.E. Award, which will be presented on national television, and we wanted to be there to watch in person. We also thought it would be really neat if her two grandkids were at the show competing in the breed ring. Wish us luck, we’ll need it!

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Faith’s CCL Surgery

Faith, our wonderful 8 year old Border Collie, had a torn cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) and had to undergo Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) surgery. She had gone to a dog park a week ago and came home limping very badly, and wouldn’t put any weight at all on her right rear leg. She was diagnosed with the CCL tear, and she went into surgery on Thursday the 5th. Her surgery went very well and she is at home now on recovery. She should be back to normal in 12-14 weeks, and we are going to try hydrotherapy when that time period is up. We’re very happy to have our baby home, and despite her horribly ugly shaven rear leg (we show people tend to be very appearance focused, unfortunately), we couldn’t be more pleased with her surgery.

Also, Sadie and Pirate, Faith’s sons, will be attending the Southern Colorado Kennel Club show this weekend. Wish us luck, we’re hoping, as always, to come home with a Best of Breed/Best of Opposite. These two like to take it all or take none.

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Giacomo Gets Major #2!

Well, Giacomo and I headed down to New Mexico in the snow (which he hates) for the New Mexico Sporting Dog Fanciers show and Sandia Combined Specialties. Giacomo did a good job.. he was pretty much Reserve Winners all weekend, but during show two on Friday (there were two shows, both Gordon specialties) he got Winners for a 3 pt major. So, he’s got both his majors now, and even though he could have finished at the show, I’m just happy to have the hard part over.

On Sunday I handled Cricket, Giacomo’s half sister, and she and I got Winners Bitch, for a 5 point major. She was being handled by someone else, but he had three class-winning bitches- and so I was thrown in with her.. I guess it worked!

Pictures of the show…

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Giacomo OFA Brags!

Giacomo was recently OFA Certified “Good” on hips and “Normal” on elbows. We are so happy that both he and his sister in New Mexico received such good scores! Giacomo will be put up at stud in the next year.

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Brags, brags, brags!

Seeing as this is the first news entry, I’ll have to post the show results for the whole year! We haven’t really shown that much due to financial strains, and as you can see Sadie has not been doing well this year. She is coming into heat every 4 months which means she loses her coat every 3 1/2 months, and she takes about that long to get it back. Oh well!


Plum Creek Kennel Club (Friday/Saturday):

Sadie: DNP.

Giacomo: RWD.

Colorado Kennel Club (Sunday/Monday):

Sadie: DNP

Giacomo: RWD.


Scottsbluff KC (Saturday/Sunday):

Sadie: DNP

Lily (Ch PeachyKeen’s Lochinbrae Lily, a dog I was handling): BOB.

Juniors: Made the cut, but no place.


Terry-All Kennel Club (Sat/Sun)

Lily: BOB and cut in group on Saturday, BOB on Sunday.

Giacomo: WD on Sat for 1 pt, RWD on Sunday.


Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club (Sat/Sun)

Giacomo: WD on Saturday, BOW on Sunday for 1 pt.

Sadie: DNP.


Greeley Kennel Club (Sat/Sun)

Giacomo: Dumped all weekend.

Juniors: Best Junior at Gordon Setter Specialty.

Sadie: BOB on Saturday over 4 male specials, Sunday- DNP.

So, now you’re up to speed on the goings on this year!

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